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Lucky Ladd Farms: A Hidden Gem for Nashville Families

by Ashley
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I dont know about you, but this cold weather has me dreaming of warmer, sunnier days and all of the fun stuff we can do as a family after the winter. And Lucky Ladd Farms has become one of our go-to family activities for sunny weekends. We’ve gone to Lucky Ladd Farms three times this year. We should’ve just bought a season pass! So I wanted to share some of the reasons we love this place and why we did end up getting a season pass for 2022!

This massive “ag-venture farm fun park” is quite the trek from town but the beautiful 45-minute drive reminds you that Nashville has so much more to offer than honky-tonks and hot chicken. And it offers a lot of fun for the whole family, not just the kids.

Here are the reasons that we love Lucky Ladd’s!

Everyone, of all ages, has fun at Lucky Ladd’s.

Kids have a million activities to choose from. Grandparents enjoy watching from one of the many rocking chairs on the sidelines. Many parents enjoy participating in said activities such as the bounce pad, the slides, the corn pit, the bubble pit, or any of the play structures. And everyone will enjoy feeding and petting all of the adorable farm animals! Each time that we’ve gone, I’ve smiled so much my face hurt when we left.

It’s a great place to go with a group.

There’s a ton of space to spread out. Plenty of shaded areas to sit down for snacks or take a restful sit. And everyone can be free to run off and do their preferred activities, meeting up for lunch later on.

It is well-maintained and clean.

The animals appear to be well-cared for, the grounds are always tidy and appealing, and the porta potties are always clean. Even though you will get dusty and dirty from walking around on the dirt paths (it IS a farm after all), you won’t feel grimy and gross walking around the property.

Tons of great photo opps!

Look, photos are my love language. I take a ton of photos because I spend a lot of time looking at them. They bring me great joy. So I appreciate a place that provides me ample opportunities to take fun group pix or silly selfies.

You can’t fit it all into one visit.

Even after three visits, we still haven’t done everything at Lucky Ladd’s. There’s just SO MUCH. Tractor rides, a giant corn box, sandboxes, bubble pits, an epic slide mountain, yard games, pony rides, tractor pulls, a huge bounce pad, and more play structures than you can count. The big draw is of course the many animals (goats and pigs and donkeys and cows and chickens and llamas, oh my!) that you get to feed and pet. You could spend a couple hours just hanging out with the animals and never even make it to all of the other fun. In the fall, there’s also the corn maze (which we missed), and in the spring strawberry picking (which we didn’t do either).

Lucky Ladd’s is now at the top of our recommendation list for any visiting families and to our local friends with kids who haven’t made the trek down to Eagleville, TN. Though, be warned: the Fall seems to be the busiest time of the year for visitors; the animals were so overfed they refused the food we tried to feed them and all the slides had lines. The two previous times that we went in the spring and early summer were far less crowded, with maybe 1/4 of the people that were there when we went in October.

Have you been to Lucky Ladd Farms? What’s your favorite attraction or activity? What time of year do you like to go? What’s on your list of Top Family Friendly Activities in the area that are actually fun for adults too?

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Charlotte February 3, 2022 - 2:53 pm

Oh I am totally down for some strawberry picking in the springtime! Yummmmmm.


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