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Follow my blog on Facebook, where I post articles from other travel blogs and magazines.

I Instagram about cats, books, travel and mundane things like what we had for dinner because I am obsessed with ChatBooks and having an analogue record of things I share digitally. (If you want to try ChatBooks, use my code to get your first book free: ATV2G6TT)

Sometimes I forget about Twitter but when I remember, I tweet about books, cats, feminism, Harry Potter, musicals, and cyber security. It’s weird, but then I’m weird, so I guess it works.

You can find me on LinkedIn, though I often forget about I have one and don’t check notifications often so don’t try to contact me through it.

As someone who compulsively documents things, I like to have a record of everything I read. I’m not super active on Goodreads but I do track everything I read and set challenges every year.

You can read about all the things we love about Nashville and our DIY wedding on our family website.

My husband has a pretty cool Instagram, Twitter and blog as well. You should check them out if you’re into sports, cocktails, cats and other people’s opinions.🙂