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by Ashley

Follow my blog on Facebook, where I post articles from other travel blogs and magazines.

I Instagram about cats, books, travel and mundane things like what we had for dinner because I am obsessed with ChatBooks and having an analogue record of things I share digitally. My stories are usually pretty full so check those out if you like babies, foodstagram, cats, or Nashville. (If you want to try ChatBooks, use my code to get your first book free: ATV2G6TT) 

As someone who compulsively documents things, I like to have a record of everything I read. I’m not super active on Goodreads outside of writing reviews and tracking everything I read, but let’s be book buddies!

Sometimes I forget about Twitter but when I remember, I tweet about books, cats, feminism, Harry Potter, musicals, and cyber security. It’s weird, but then I’m weird, so I guess it works.

You can find me on LinkedIn, though I often forget about I have one and don’t check notifications often so don’t try to contact me through it.

My husband has a pretty cool Instagram, Twitter and blog as well. You should check them out if you’re into sports, cocktails, cats and other people’s opinions.🙂

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