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Staycation: The Affordable Getaway When You Can’t Get Away

by Ashley
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Can’t afford to go the beach? Turn up the heat and bring the beach to you, instead!

For Justin’s birthday in 2014, we took a SURPRISE staycation (he had no idea this was the plan). We did this because we were broke and definitely couldn’t afford to hop down to a Caribbean island to warm ourselves up. But I wanted us to experience the benefits of a vacation — relaxation, sleep, togetherness, fun.

No email. Not much social networking. No alarms. No housework. Just us, our cats, delicious noms and drinks, and water/beach themed entertainment. (We watched the original Point Break, a short nature documentary, Cocktail, Lilo & Stich, and Captain Phillips.)

It was  a fantastic weekend full of relaxation and fun. 🙂

A lot of people asked me how we did it, so I documented it in a photo album on Facebook. And now I’m sharing it here. Let this inspire you. Vacations don’t have to cost a lot of money. They just require a little creativity and willingness to disconnect.

(Click on each image to view the caption and fill your idea book!)
What he saw when he came home from work.
A spread of tropical-inspired eats and treats.
The brochure I made for and gave to Justin when he got home from work.
The weekend plan!
Looped beach video from YouTube + Pandora "Beach Bar music" station = setting the mood.
So this part didn't work out exactly since our canopy was broken...
The setup in the living room
Yes, I poured sand in the pool for us to feel between our toes!
Later, we covered the pool of sand with a blanket so the cats could feel the texture (which they loved!) but wouldn't poop in it.
Setting the mood with some scents....
Trying to make our bedroom as comfortable a a freshly-cleaned hotel room.
There's nothing a few YouTube videos can't teach you. It's supposed to be a towel swan.... lol though none of the ones in the videos look quite like swans.
Cosmo is ready to get this vacation started!
Having fun on our staycation!
The dinner prep! (Though we went out to dinner the second night, the first night we made our own seafood feast at home.)
Calamari Scampi! The final product.
Vacation breakfast! Fruit, mimosas, cinnamon rolls.

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