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Disney DAS Pass: What is it and do I need one?

by Ashley
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What is the Disney DAS Pass?

Disney’s Disability Access Service (DAS) program assists visitors who can not wait in a conventional line due to a disability. 

The DAS pass does not provide immediate access to any rides. Instead, the DAS pass works similar to the Genie+ reservation system, allowing you to return to the ride or attraction at a specified time. It is worth noting that the DAS pass doesn’t let you skip the line, but simply wait the same amount of time as the standby queue in another physical location. The key for those of us using DAS is that we don’t have to physically wait IN the line, but we are still waiting our turn.

DAS is valid throughout the entire Walt Disney World Resort where it was issued. So for example, if you’re visiting the Orlando resort, the DAS you sign up for will not be valid at the California Disneyland Resort.

Does Disney’s DAS program cost money?

No, the Disney DAS pass does not cost money! The Disney DAS program is free for guests. A DAS pass doesn’t require any additional purchases with the Disney Genie+ system. 

Photo of Galaxy's Edge, a very crowded area with long lines. Im grateful I had the Disney DAS pass. to enjoy this part of the park.
Galaxy’s Edge is a beautifully detailed land, but it is very crowded! My anxiety was on full alert just walking around. I’m so glad I secured a DAS pass to enjoy the day at Hollywood Studios.

What disabilities qualify for a Disney DAS?

If you have any physical or mental condition that impacts your ability to wait in a standard queue line for an extended period of time, you likely qualify for a DAS pass. There is not a specific list of disabilities that qualify for the DAS at Disney. Some common conditions and diagnoses that may be approved include autism, anxiety, and ADHD. 

Basically, if you have any condition or disorder that makes it challenging to remain in lines for extended periods of time, then you qualify for a Disney DAS pass. If you have a condition that worsens with exposure to sun, heat, or outdoor elements, then you qualify for a Disney DAS pass. 

Some disabilities don’t qualify for DAS.

Please note: Since most attractions are wheelchair accessible, Disney specifies that the disabilities that qualify for DAS are based on your ability to wait in line, not stand in line. 

For this reason, Disney guests who have a disability requiring the use of a wheelchair or a scooter do not need DAS. Depending on the attraction, wheelchair and scooter users may be able to wait in the regular line, and if not they will be given a return time comparable to the standby wait time. Disney attractions vary in terms of their accessibility and are categorized based on how and when the guest must transfer to the ride vehicle. Learn more about services for those with mobility disabilities here.

Photo of my mom riding an ECV at Animal Kingdom. her foot and knee issues did not qualify her for a Disney DAS pass.
My mom needed an ECV due to foot and knee issues, which would not qualify her for a Disney DAS pass.

Do I need documentation to get a DAS pass?

You do not need to provide any formal documentation to request and qualify for a Disney DAS pass. You do need to describe the accommodations that you need in order to fully enjoy your park experience. The more details you can provide, the better. Do not be embarrassed! Do not feel shame! The Cast Members are not there to judge you. They are simply there to help you have the best experience possible. So be honest and allow 10-15 minutes for the process. 

Do I need a Disney DAS Pass?

Maybe! Deciding if you need a DAS pass is a personal decision. You must use your own discretion when determining whether you should get a DAS pass for yourself. If you feel like you have a mental or physical condition that makes physically waiting in line to be challenging in any way, then do it. Save yourself the stress and sign up for the DAS pass. 

I do want to note though that the DAS pass should not be abused or misappropriated. Do not sign up for it if you do not meet the requirements or feel like you really need it. If, for any reason, Disney determines that you lied in order to obtain a DAS pass, you will be permanently banned from Disney properties. Plus, it just wouldn’t be very cool if someone abused the system. Don’t be that person.

Photo of the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom
The Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

How does the Disney DAS work?

Register for the DAS program.

You can pre-register for the DAS program via live video call or you can register in person at the park. If you want to pre-register for DAS, you can do so as early as 30 days before you visit the park but no less than 2 days before your park visit. (I really wish I had known to pre-register. You should do this simply to avoid having to do so when you get to the park.)

To register in person, just stop by any Guest Relations Main Entrance location to speak with a Cast Member. When I signed up, I simply found one of the Guest Experience blue umbrellas and worked with a Cast Member there to get registered.

Once you’ve registered for a DAS pass, the pass is valid for 60 days.

For additional assistance, please call Disney’s Disability Services at (407) 560-2547, or send an email to disability.services@disneyparks.com

Add your travel party to your Family and Friends list

Do not forget to add your travel party to your Family and Friends list!! By doing so, they can be included in all of your DAS reservations. 

When I used the DAS program in October 2022, I added the five people in my group to my list. We all got to spend our time waiting outside of the line together, returning to the ride together at the scheduled return time. It eliminated so much stress for us and made the day much more enjoyable.

Please note: the maximum party size is 6 guests per DAS pass.

Photo of Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom
Cinderella’s Castle at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Request a return time.

If you pre-registered for the DAS program, you can use DAS Advance to pre-select up to two return times for certain attractions. Please remember that all DAS Advance selections are subject to availability.

All additional DAS selections can be made on the day of your park visit from the My Disney Experience app. Current and projected wait times for attractions can be found in the Disney Genie part of the app, as well as ride locations. 

The return time that you select will be equivalent to the current standby wait time for that ride, plus or minus 10 minutes. Since return times don’t expire, you can also enjoy the attraction after the specified return time. Just remember that you can not request another DAS return time until you redeem the first. It will definitely benefit you to try to redeem your return times as close to the beginning of the window as possible.

Enjoy the Park with less stress.

Since you don’t have to wait in line for your attractions, you can comfortably explore the rest of the Park at your own pace until your scheduled return time. I can not tell you how much this helped me. I felt way more relaxed the rest of the day and so wish I had known about this at the beginning of our Disney adventure. 

Redeem your return time and book another.

You can board the ride or attraction any time during the hour-long window return time.  But your party can not board the ride without you! 

As soon as you’ve redeemed one return time, you are free to book another!

You can also modify or cancel reservations in the My Disney Experience app, and anyone in the party may do so.

My experience with the Disney DAS pass

I wish I had known about the DAS program before my family and I visited the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando last fall

My husband snapped this photo after I started to come down from the panic attack, just before it was our turn to board the ride. He knows that I like to document everything so I appreciate him thinking to take a photo of the moment.
My husband snapped this photo after I started to come down from the panic attack, just before it was our turn to board the ride. He knows that I like to document everything so I appreciate him thinking to take a photo of the moment.

I get incredibly anxious when I feel physically trapped. I have trouble controlling my physiological response when I get anxious. Often, I need to escape the situation ASAP. This makes navigating large crowds and standing in long lines difficult. On many occasions, I’ve had to leave a long line (such as airport security, customs, or a ride) only to start the whole process over again. 

During our 2022 trip to Disney, we went to three of the parks and didn’t know about DAS until the third day. I made it through the first day without any major incident, thankfully. But I had to pull out every anti-anxiety tool I knew to get through. 

The second day was really bad. I had one of the worst panic attacks I’ve had in recent years. It lasted thirty full minutes but felt like hours. Thanks to my very understanding and supportive family and my bestie who counted out box breaths for me the whole time, I didn’t have to leave the line (though I wanted to a few times). In the end, I got to ride the stunningly beautiful and relaxing Na’vi River Journey (highly recommended, it is so lovely). But it was an ordeal to get there.

At the beginning of Day 3, as we were in line for one of the Star Wars rides, the panic mounted quickly. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it through a 90 minute line. That’s when my friend mentioned she had read something the night before about Disney’s DAS pass system. She suggested I go talk to the people at one of the blue umbrellas. Through tears and the heat of embarrassment, I explained my situation to a kind, sympathetic Cast Member. She listened, she smiled and said, “That’s no problem! Let’s get you registered for DAS!” 

With those words, I felt my entire body relax. The panic evaporated. The tension disappeared. The relief was instant. I felt like myself again. 

The Cast Member told me to call my friends, who were still waiting in the line. Then she added them all to my Family and Friends list, allowing them to wait with me. 

The rest of the day went smoothly! I am kicking myself for not having researched this beforehand. So I wanted to share what I learned about the DAS pass in case it can help someone else avoid having a panic attack or feeling stressed during their Disney vacation.

I hope this guide to the Disney DAS program will help you have a stress-free and fun-filled Disney vacation!

Hit me up with other questions you may have. Also feel free to share tips from your personal DAS experiences so others can learn from you. 

Happy planning! 

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