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by Ashley
Devices that make travel simpler or smoother.

Our favorite travel technology

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7" display and page turn buttons
I've been an avid Kindle reader for well over a decade now, and don't think I'll ever go back. It's hard to beat the convenience and ease of reading experience the Kindle offers. In tandem with the local library system and the Libby app, I always have a shelf-full of books at my fingertips. This edition of the Kindle is def my fave because of its design!
Bluetooth trackers
Anyone else have a habit of losing their stuff? No? Just me? Well the Tile is a great tool in helping keep better track of the essentials. I have one in my wallet, one on my kindle, another on a key chain. I've tried all forms of the Tile and prefer the "sticker" version the most but the "slim" is nice for a wallet.
15.8" FHD 1080p LED anti-glare
I can not work on a 13" laptop screen for long; I end up missing the real estate of my 27" curved monitor back home. So the SideTrak has become an essential item for our remote work stations. It's the right size to give me enough screen space so I can keep my email and chat app on the laptop window, and do my main work on the SideTrak.
Wireless headband with thin HD stereo speakers
I use this thing almost nightly and never leave home without it! It's already hard enough to sleep in unfamiliar beds, so I make it easier by listening to relaxing ocean sounds or an audiobook to fall asleep. It's a great way to drown out distracting noise and improve your sleep hygiene.

About Me

👋 Hi, I'm Ashley!

I'm a mom to one human child and three cats, a home exchange advocate, a lover of yoga and Broadway musicals, a remote employee, and a longterm resident of Music City.

I write about my family's adventures while working remotelyparenting a small child, and traveling with anxiety. I focus on affordable travel, work-life balance and mental wellness, and bringing the world to you when you're not able to go anywhere. I also write a lot about Nashville and how to be a tourist in your own town.



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