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by Ashley
Things that will make traveling with kids easier.

Our favorite baby and kid essentials

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Quick-Fold Car Seat and Stroller Combo with KeyFit 30
This stroller and carseat combo served us well, traveling across the United States and South America. It is quick and easy to fold up (one handed, even!), not too heavy given its size and durability, and truly grows with your child. Absolutely worth the money.
Zipped Backpack-Wearable, Lightweight, Compact
The RideSafer Vest is a crash-tested, safety certified, foldable and portable car seat for those who travel. WE LOVE THIS THING! It goes with us everywhere and gives us peace of mind when using Ubers, taxis, or rental cars.
Jool Baby
We literally never leave home without this bad boy. Tucked neatly into its travel bag, we toss it t in my purse or Skyler's bag. It goes with us out to eat, on airplanes, or when visiting friends who dont have small kids. Because ya never know when the urge will strike!
After trying several bento box style lunch containers, we settled on this brand as our favorite. Affordable and long-lasting, we've been using these since we had to start sending actual food with him to daycare. Now that he's at a school that provides food, we use these for snacking around the house, on road trips, at the vineyard, etc.

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