Memories & Reflections

Getting My Groove Back

This might be the longest I’ve gone without writing. Ever. Six months and no words. Even when I’ve had the time and a modicum of inclination, I just haven’t been able to find the motivation to actually put fingers to keys and write. The last year took a lot out of all of us at so many levels (emotionally, mentally, financially, creatively) and frankly I still feel like I’m catching up and refueling. As life begins to resemble what it used to with friends and events and trips and ya know generally leaving the house, I’m starting to feel that itch again. The itch to write, to document, to create. We’re starting to travel and do things again so my brain can once again dedicate bandwidth to travel-related writing, which always sparks other ideas.

Do you ever feel that the anticipation of something outshines the thing itself? Now that we have travel booked over the next six months, I feel that tingle of anticipation buzzing inside me and I’m pumped. Just thinking about the possibilities of going, doing, seeing, exploring makes me smile.

So I feel like I’m coming back into myself. There are so many things I want to write about that I haven’t — our week in Sandestin; our weekend getaway to Muscle Shoals, AL; the staycations we enjoyed during the Pandemic; all of the awesome kid-friendly establishments we’re loving in Nashville — and have some fun trips planned this year that I know will inspire some posts. So, stay tuned for some much-delayed posts at a, hopefully, more regular cadence.

Do you feel like you’re coming back to yourself after all of these very long months? How are you refueling your mental and creative efforts? Do you have any fun trips planned to look forward to?

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