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Guest Posts: Paris and Planning

Recently, I had the opportunity to write guest posts for Sarah at and Penny from, two awesome ladies who run awesome travel blogs.  I got to talk about my favorite place of all time, Paris, and one of my favorite activities: planning! See more below for the links to the respective posts.

• • •


Sarah from invited me to put together a Travel Guide for my favorite destination to date. Talk about a tough assignment! I debated between Budapest, which was my favorite new European city; Puerto Rico, an unexpected favorite; San Francisco, one of my favorite two-days I’ve spent in a city; New York, a favorite that flows through my family blood; Nashville, my favorite place I’ve ever lived; or Paris, my favorite favorite, a place I’ve been six times in my life, the longest visit lasting ten months and shaping me in ways I’m still discovering.

I ended up select Paris but approaching the guide from a non-touristy point of view. What were my favorite things to see and do while living there? What do I like to eat and experience when I go back? Where do I like to stay? What did I show my husband the first time I took him to the city of love? (Hint: not the Eiffel Tower!)

Check out my full guide to my Paris, a city I hope you fall in love with as I have.

 • • •


Penny from interviewed me about planning travel itineraries, working remotely and how planning styles change over time. This topic interests me greatly as I am our family’s travel agent. I derive great pleasure from planning a trip, figuring out accommodations, finding deals on travel, and mapping out potential itineraries. But I’ve also learned, in recent years, the joy of UNplanning, or planning to play things by ear. Be sure to check out the interview here.


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