40 Before 40

One of our friends took up a 30 Before 30 challenge during the last year of her twenties. She gave herself a year to accomplish 30 things she’d always wanted to do before turning 30, such as getting lost on purpose, seeing her favorite artist in concert, going on a cruise. I decided to adapt the idea into a 40 Before 40 list: a bucket list of sorts, featuring things I’ve always wanted to see or do and places I’ve wanted to go. Some of the items are more practical while others are things I’ve only dreamed of doing. Others are personal projects that I’ve talked about doing and want to hold myself accountable for so they’ll actually get done.

My list is below. Do you have a similar list? What do you want to do before your next milestone birthday? What’s on your bucket list?

  1. Visit every state. (37/50, I think… if I’ve eaten, slept, taken photos or received a speeding ticket in the state, it counts)
  2. Visit 40 countries (21/40)
  3. Take a wine tour through wine country.
  4. Take the husband to Disney World.
  5. Visit a country that scares me.
  6. Go on the trip to Italy that my mom and I were supposed to take for our 30th/60th birthdays.
  7. Explore Iceland.
  8. Go to a nude beach and be at least partially nude (to get over my fear of public nudity).
  9. Visit an elephant sanctuary and hug an elephant.
  10. Visit an Asian country.
  11. Go somewhere without cell reception to disconnect for 48+ hours.
  12. Enjoy a totally solo vacation trip – no husband, no friends, no family.
  13. Drive to the Grand Canyon.
  14. Take the cats on a road trip. (February 2018)
  15. Take the Harry Potter studio tour in Leavesden.
  16. Host Thanksgiving dinner! (November 2017)
  17. Drive on the other side of the road (in the UK, Australia, etc.).
  18. Make some street art (aka graffiti).
  19. See Hamilton live. (03/17/2017)
  20. Visit a psychic.
  21. Go to a drive-in movie.
  22. Open an IRA.  (January 2017)
  23. Have a child.
  24. Do a DNA test to learn about our ancestry. (Summer 2016)
  25. Get my dad to help write our family travel memoirs.
  26. Learn enough Spanish to get by in Spanish-speaking countries.
  27. Be able to run a mile without dying.
  28. Learn to drive stick.
  29. 40 consecutive days of yoga.
  30. 40+ books every year. (So far, 3 for 3!)
  31. Be able to do 40 push-ups in a row.
  32. Not drink for 40 consecutive days (being pregnant doesn’t count). (Accomplished by doing an elimination diet for 2+ months Spring 2017)
  33. Buy and drink a bottle of wine that costs more than $40.
  34. Get a tattoo. (2 so far with more planned!)
  35. Sponsor a child or host a foreign exchange student.
  36. Get boudoir photos taken.
  37. Experience a real, luxurious spa day with all the stuff you see in the movies.
  38. Host a murder mystery party.
  39. Run an AirBNB. (We rented our old house a few times on AirBNB so I’ll count it.)
  40. Write my will.

This list may change over the years, but I like having a list of ambitions to check off and work towards.