#TBT That time we lost my brother in Venice

I’m sure there’s some writing advice out there that says not to give away the punchline in the title but alas. Rules were made to be broken, dammit! My brother and I had an incredible childhood, for which we both are eternally grateful; our parents worked hard to give us everything they didn’t have, to…

How Rent and Hamilton Both Inspire Me to Travel More

Two nights ago, we went with friends to see the 20th anniversary tour of one of my favorite musicals of all time: Rent. Rent is an imperfect play. Its creator died before the first preview of the off-Broadway production so the version we see today would most likely not be the final version of the…

40 Before 40

One of our friends took up a 30 Before 30 challenge during the last year of her twenties. She gave herself a year to accomplish 30 things she’d always wanted to do before turning 30, such as getting lost on purpose, seeing her favorite artist in concert, going on a cruise. I decided to adapt…

Eurotrip Adventure 2016 Wrap Up

In case you missed any of our blog posts during our awesome six week Eurotrip adventure, you can catch up with this handy list! 🙂

Post Home Exchange Interview

Here are some final thoughts on our month-long home exchange from my husband and Cora, one of our home swapping partners.