Weird and Wonderful: The LA I Didn’t Know

Though I’ve been a few times, LA has never been high on my list of places to go. I don’t remember much from my first trip, when I was 11, or all that much from the trip I took at age 20. But I have only been back once in the last decade. Maybe the…

Our Love Affair with AirBNB

Love affairs can be intense.  They can be fulfilling (in more ways that one), heart-breaking, country-song-inspiring, appetite-suppressing, completely and totally engrossing. Love affairs can also be quiet, satisfying, romantic and provide much needed comfort and support. When AirBNB first showed up on the scene, I was skeptical, not sure I was the right person for…

Crashing on Couches & Traveling with Anxiety

I’m an anxious person. Always have been. As a kid, I would stress out over things like talking on the phone (even to order pizza), not getting an A on an assignment, getting yelled at or in trouble. I especially stressed out over something that most little girls my age lived for: the sleepover.

Coming Home

The alarm goes off three hours earlier than usual. I slam my hand down on the phone to shut it off. Waking up is hard enough. Waking up at 5 am is the worst.